31 Days Challenge, Day 7: Freedom to Work

31 days prayer challenge

[This blog post was first published on June 13, 2007.]

When I first started seeing my current hair stylist, I would come into the salon with some specific ideas in mind about how I wanted my hair cut. It didn’t take long, however, to develop a good rapport with him and build trust in his work.

Now whenever I go see him, I usually tell him to do whatever he wants with my hair. He does know that that “whatever” comes with a few stipulations–for instance, I know he’s not going to whack it all off and give me a buzz cut. Whenever I tell him to do whatever he likes, his face lights up–I think that he has quite a few clients who come in with very specific instructions about what to do and what not to do, so he probably appreciates having more artistic freedom.

I let my hair stylist cut and style my hair the way he sees fit because I trust him to do a good job. After all, he realizes that his reputation lies in his clients’ hair, so it benefits him to do a good job. He also knows hair far better than I do, knows what cuts and styles are most flattering for my particular hair. So I leave it in his capable hands, and don’t worry or fret while I’m in his chair. I can relax and know that when he finishes, I’ll have a good looking head of hair.

Now let’s apply this to prayer. How excited do you think that God gets when we approach Him with an attitude of “whatever You want”? Do you think that it delights Him when lay aside our “want” list or our ideas of what we think is best for us, and trust Him to do what’s truly best for us? I think so.

Although God is all-powerful and is unlimited in His abilities, He does allow Himself to be limited by our willingness to let Him work in our lives. When I come to Him in prayer and offer my life to Him fully, asking Him to do whatever He sees fit to make me more like Him, it releases Him to work in ways that He didn’t before. How much more peace I ultimately have when I relinquish my notions of control and let Him work. I wish I could say that I have that attitude with every prayer…

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This post is one in a series on prayer as part of the 31 Days Challenge. Read more posts in the series here.


3 thoughts on “31 Days Challenge, Day 7: Freedom to Work

  1. Lisa, I’m finding your insights to be so helpful. Each day has given me so much to think about in regards to my prayer life. I’m really excited that I have another 24 days of reading your posts on prayer. Thank you for taking this challenge.


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