31 Days Challenge, Day 14: Praying Through Songs

31 days prayer challengeSome days in my morning prayer time (which is typically during my commute to work), I set aside my prayer requests and spend time in praise through songs. I love to sing, and whether I’m singing solo, turning on the radio or firing up iTunes, I’m often belting out my favorite praise and worship songs (and I have pretty much gotten over my fears of looking like a crazy person to my fellow drivers).

This morning was one of those occasions where I just sang all the way to work. As attentive as God is to my prayer requests, I imagine it touches His heart when I approach Him, not asking for anything, but simply wanting to sing praises over Him.

The women’s conference I attended last week–which was AMAZING, by the way–had some incredible worship music, including the songs below, which I’ve been singing all week. [Side note: The guest artist for the conference was Natalie Grant, so I got to hear her perform “Your Great Name” (and several other songs) live and in person–what a blessing!]

What are some of your favorite praise songs to sing and/or play?

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This post is one in a series on prayer as part of the 31 Days Challenge. Read more posts in the series here.


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