31 Days Challenge, Day 28: It Is Well

31 days prayer challenge

The battle for peace and rest continues…I only thought I was stressed out earlier this week! I’ve had a couple more unexpected problems come my way, both of which are putting a serious hit on my pocketbook and causing a good amount of stress.

A couple of weeks ago in my Monday night Bible study we talked about areas of our life that we needed to surrender to the Lord, and one of the areas that I honed in on was surrendering my finances to Him. I know it is no coincidence that I’m finding myself challenged in this area with these “surprise” expenses coming all at once.

As I found myself dealing with these various issues today, I tried to focus on the positive. I kept reminding God (really, reminding myself) that my finances, my home, my car, all that I have belong to Him and I prayed that He’d give me wisdom for being a good manager of all these things. I’m having to make some repairs to my home and car that I hadn’t planned on, but it looks like they will be minor compared to what it could have been if I didn’t get these repairs fixed now, so I’m thankful for catching them before they turn into major problems down the road.

One of my favorite songs of late is Kristene DiMarco/Bethel Music’s version of “It Is Well”. The music is hauntingly beautiful, and the message even more so: “Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on You; through it all, through it all it is well.” The song popped up on my Pandora station this morning as I was getting ready for work, and it was just what I needed to hear and have running through my head throughout the day.

Oh Lord, instead of focusing on my problems, let me fix my eyes on You! Only then I can truly say, “It is well.”

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