Thankfulness in the Mess

After completing my 31 Days Challenge in which I wrote a blog post every day in October, I decided to take a brief blogging break. It happened to fall at a good time, as I was out of town for most of the first week in November. I didn’t expect the break to last most of the month of November, however, but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind month.

Remember how I mentioned that my house was undergoing some renovations? And remember how I said that I really, really dislike being thrown out of my routine? I’m still dealing with having my house turned upside down with the renovations (which I’m hoping will wrap up in the next couple of weeks). There’s dust pretty much everywhere, furniture and knickknacks have been moved around to accommodate the work being done, and my routine is most definitely out of sorts.

Of course, it probably didn’t help that I decided to tack on another (somewhat major) project to my contractor’s to-do list: remodeling my full bathroom. While it is a much-needed makeover and will be worth it in the long run, right now I’m dealing with the inconvenience of not having a shower in my home (although I’m optimistic that I’ll have one later this week, fingers crossed!).

I can now attest to how stressful it is to live in a house while reno work is being done on it, and in my case the reno work is relatively minor compared to some other projects. I hate feeling like my home is a cluttered mess, but I’m trying to focus on the bright side of it all. Here are just a few things I’m thankful for in the midst of all of this:

• My parents, who have not only graciously opened their home for me to take showers and stay overnight when needed, but are also allowing me to drop my dog off at their house every weekday morning for “doggy daycare” while the workers are at my house.

• The work that has been done so far looks fantastic.


I LOVE my newly refinished hardwood floors (Bailey does, too, as you can see). I’m also loving the new flooring that’s in my kitchen, dining, laundry room and (soon) in both bathrooms. It’s fun to come home each day and see progress being made and know that the end is (somewhat) in sight.

• This mess is just temporary. It seems like it’s taking a long time, but it’s really just a matter of a few weeks, and when it’s done my 55 year-old house will feel (almost) brand new. And I can do a massive cleaning job and get everything resettled then, at which time I’ll really be able to relax.

• The momentary inconvenience of not being able to shower at home reminds me of how fortunate I am to HAVE an indoor bathroom –or clean running water, period. How fortunate I am to have a roof over my head, to have heat and air conditioning, to have a kitchen full of food, closets full of clothes… compared to so many in the world, I am truly living in luxury, and I tend to forget that.




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