2015 Reading Challenge: Completed!

Books Collage

At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to read no less than 30 books in 2015. As an avid booklover, I figured that reading 30 books in a single year would be a piece of cake; in fact, I wondered if I was setting the bar too low and not really challenging myself enough.

Ah, hubris. Enter life, with all its distractions. I fully intended to get into bed a bit early each night so I could read for a while before going to sleep, but I have to admit that there were many, many nights when the lure of the television was more tempting than picking up a book. When work was particularly tiring, I would go days at a stretch without doing any reading.

Despite making slower progress than anticipated, I’m delighted to say that I met and {barely} exceeded the challenge with 31 books read this year. You can see the full list of what I read, along with a brief review of each, here.

With the 2015 Reading Challenge in the books (he he), I’m already planning on challenging myself for 2016, and upping the ante to 35 books for the year. With that in mind, I’m open to some book suggestions. As you’ll see from this year’s list, my taste in book is pretty vast; I like both fiction and non-fiction, mysteries, biographies, business books…the list goes on and on.

So if you’ve got a great book recommendation, let me have it! And I’d love for you to join me in your own reading challenge for 2016. What books are on your must-read list?


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