Tea for Two

I’ve been off work all this week and it has been glorious! It’s given me the opportunity to get some rest, catch up on a few projects around the house, enjoy watching a few football bowl games, and–best of all–spend time with some dear friends, including Alinda, who blogs at Happy Is the House.

Alinda and I attended junior high and high school together, where we shared many classes and worked on the yearbook staff together. We’ve attended church together for nearly twenty years now but it is only in the last couple of years that we’ve really become good friends and prayer partners. She is one of the most gracious, kind and talented people I know; as you’ll see from her blog posts, she is immensely creative, especially when it comes to celebrating special occasions, and I can already see how her children are following in her footsteps.

Yesterday I had the privilege of introducing Alinda to a local tea room, a relatively new and most welcome addition to our city. It was a cold, rainy, dreary afternoon, not the kind of weather I’d normally want to be out in, but perfect for savoring a few cups of hot tea along with delicious scones and fruit. With Alinda’s husband at home with the children, we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy leisurely conversation in such a beautiful setting.

Alinda chronicled our visit to the tea room in her latest blog post, and you can see for yourselves what a lovely afternoon we had.


One thought on “Tea for Two

  1. Lisa, it was so nice to have a leisurely afternoon to catch up with you over tea and, oh my, those melt-in-your-mouth scones! I’m so thankful God allowed us the time together. Let’s put another one on the calendar!


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