A Little Comfort Food

Soup bowl

There are several reasons why I’m grateful for the arrival of some cold weather these past couple of days, not the least of which is that I can really enjoy a piping hot bowl of soup. It’s not that I can’t (and don’t) make soup when the weather’s warm, but hot soup just tastes better to me when it’s cold outside–and even better when it’s cold and rainy.

Tonight I turned to a tried-and-true recipe that I discovered on Pinterest and have made several times. Originally published on Foodess, this rustic vegetable chickpea soup is just the ticket when I’m craving comfort food.

I love the versatility of this recipe; it is easily adaptable to whatever vegetables you have on hand. I made a couple of variations for tonight’s version, using kale instead of swiss chard and substituting Asiago cheese for parmesan. You can add as much chili flakes as you like to turn up the heat, and it’s a great recipe for throwing in leftover vegetables. I also love that everything cooked in one big pot so that there’s minimal clean-up. The soup was ready in under a half hour, another point in its favor.

If you’re looking for a healthy, quick and easy soup that hits the spot on cold days and nights, I recommend this one. Go to Foodess for the recipe (and to see photos much more appetizing than the quick one I snapped above).



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