Blogging Goals for 2016


Having extra free time over the holiday break has allowed me to work on my blog, which has been fun and long overdue. I decided to set a few goals specifically related to my blog which I am going to accomplish this year:

1. Write more blog posts. Considering I published a scant 69 posts in 2015, I’m pretty confident that I’ll accomplish this goal quickly.

2. Participate in some guest posts, both as a writer and as a host. My friend and fellow blogger Alinda of Happy Is the House have already talked about having each other guest post on our blogs in the not-too-distant future.

3. Comment more frequently on other blogs. I follow quite a few blogs regularly, but have not been great about commenting on blog posts. I don’t want to comment just for the sake of commenting, but quite often I’ll read a post that’s thought-provoking or that gives me a great idea/recipe/how-to lesson, and I need to leave feedback to thank them for their post. I know how encouraging it is to have others comment on my blog posts, so I’m committing to being more thoughtful and purposeful in commenting on others’ blogs as well.

4. Invest in a blog update/redesign. Since switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress a couple of years ago, I’ve only taken baby steps with making design updates. This year I’m going to expand my knowledge of WordPress and eventually transition over to a self-hosted site that will give me more control and customization abilities.

I’m excited to see the direction that this blog takes and how God guides me in my writing in 2016. Even if my audience doesn’t grow, I’m focusing on writing for His purposes, not to make a name for myself or have a zillion page views. I look forward to checking these goals off my to-do list very soon!



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