The Rest of the Story

Rest of the story

One of the things that excites me most about going to Heaven is the prospect of getting to hear about all those amazing stories from the Bible from those who lived it firsthand. I’m hoping there will be a giant movie screen showing the action, too. Imagine watching all the animals enter the ark, two by two, while Noah narrates? Or seeing the ten plagues carried out and the parting of the Red Sea while listening to Moses recount it? Or having Lazarus describe what it was like to be dead one minute and emerging from his own tomb, alive and well again, the next?

Or, perhaps most mind-blowing of all, watching the creation of the heavens and earth and everything that is seen and unseen, with commentary from the Creator Himself?

I’m also looking forward to hear, in the words of the late Paul Harvey, “the rest of the story” on some of those Bible stories that are long on wonder and intrigue but short on the details, at least for my inquiring mind’s taste.

For instance, I’d love to know more about the relationship between twin brothers Jacob and Esau, particularly how they were reunited in Genesis 33 after years of enmity. Considering that the last time they’d seen each other, Esau was plotting Jacob’s death in retaliation for Jacob stealing his identity and tricking their father into blessing him as the firstborn, I am so curious to know how Esau came to eventually forgive Jacob and be so gracious toward him.

Another example: In Exodus 4, after Moses has (reluctantly) agreed to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt, when he is seemingly being obedient and is in fact on the way to Egypt to do God’s work, there is a baffling moment where the Lord confronts him and is about to kill him, and he’s saved through a quick intervention by his wife, Zipporah. What is that all about?

And then there is the curiously violent incident in II Kings 2, where the prophet Elisha is bullied by a group of boys who call him “Baldy”–and so Elisha has a bear come out of the woods to maul them. End of story. I need more details, please!

I could go on and on…there are so many stories in the Bible that intrigue me, and I’m sure there are many more that aren’t recorded there that we’ll get to hear about someday. How exciting!

What Bible stories do you want to know more about?


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