Goodie Box Swap Reveal

I recently participated in a Goodie Box Swap hosted by Lucy of Spirit-Filled Simple. Such swaps are a fun way to “meet” other bloggers while exchanging small gifts–in this case, just in time for Valentine’s Day. After signing up for the swap several weeks ago, I was assigned to shop for Beth of Wandering Forevermore. Beth lives in my neighboring state of Georgia and mentioned that she loved coffee and tea, journaling and spending time outdoors, among other things–a woman after my own heart, which made it easy to shop for her. I had so much fun picking out several items that I thought she would enjoy.

Late last week I came home to find this adorable pink box waiting at my front door. What a joyful surprise to come home to after a long day!


I was delighted to discover that our Goodie Box Swap organizer, Lucy, was MY gift-giver–and boy, did she nail it in picking out little goodies for me!


My box included many of my favorite things–a pair of the softest, coziest slipper socks you can imagine, an oversized coffee mug for my extra-large cups of coffee, a set of headbands (including one in a houndstooth pattern–Roll Tide!) for me to wear when I work out, a scrummy-scented apple cinnamon candle, and (because no Valentine’s Day present is complete without chocolate) dark sea salt and caramel chocolate squares. (Did I say she nailed it or what?!?)


It’s hard to pick a favorite item, but it just might be this coffee mug. What a wonderful reminder to start my day!


Lucy included this adorable card with a beautiful note inside it. Oh happy day, indeed! I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, shopping for the goodie box that I sent or opening and using the goodie box that I received. Let’s call it a draw.

I’d love for you to stop by both Beth’s and Lucy’s blogs to “meet” my new friends!


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