Loving Lately


Since I recently shared some of the books that I’ve read or are in the process of reading, I thought I’d give a quick peek at a few other favorite finds that are brightening my days lately.


• Although I try to use my slow cooker year-round, it especially gets a workout when the weather turns cooler. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day of work and have dinner already hot and ready in the slow cooker–and if it’s cold and/or raining outside, the food seems to taste even better.

Soups and stews are slow cooker staples for me, but my new favorite recipe is this Easy Slow Cooker Shredded Mexican Chicken recipe on the Carlsbad Cravings blog. The addition of brown sugar and liquid smoke really hit this chicken out of the park for me. So far I’ve used it in burritos, tacos and, most recently, on top of cooked quinoa with some broccoli slaw on top. This recipe’s definitely getting a spot in my regular dinnertime rotation.


Move over, PSL–Starbucks’ new Chile Mocha has won a place in my heart.

• It wouldn’t be fall, of course, without Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I am certainly a fan–BUT Starbucks has a new drink that’s giving the PSL a run for its money as far as I’m concerned. The Chile Mocha is a little sweet, a little heat and all delicious. I’ve tried it both hot and in Frappuccino form and am a big fan of both versions (although I usually skip the whip and request nonfat milk to save a few calories–it’s still plenty rich for my taste).


And this is me, crying.

• Who else out there is hooked on NBC’s new weepfest drama, This Is Us? Without spoiling it for those of you who haven’t yet watched, it’s a story of three siblings, their parents and their children, with scenes from both modern-day and throughout the family’s history. (I realize that I’m probably not making the most compelling case for it, but I’m really trying not to give anything away since there have been quite a few plotline twists so far.)

The show has a marvelous cast and intriguing storylines, and while, admittedly, it’s had a few semi-cheesy moments, I feel like it does a good job of balancing the cheese with some real gravitas. I never watched Parenthood (another NBC hit) but have been told that This Is Us has a similar tug-at-your-heartstrings-make-you-feel-all-the-feels approach, so if you watched and enjoyed Parenthood you’ll probably want to check out TIU. Just be sure to keep some kleenex handy.

Listening to:

Jamie Ivey’s “The Happy Hour” podcast sometimes makes me laugh, sometimes makes me cry and always makes me think.

• Lately while driving I’ve been listening to podcasts rather than music, and my latest favorite is Jamie Ivey’s “The Happy Hour”. Every week Jamie interviews a woman (usually a blogger, author, musician or other leader in Christian circles) and they discuss topics big and small, such as marriage, motherhood, faith, running a business, books and more. Thanks to the podcast, I’ve been introduced to some new blogs, businesses and books that I’m eager to check out. You can subscribe to the podcast at JamieIvey.com/iTunes.

So–what have YOU been loving lately?




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