Beach Glory

Last week I took a couple of days off from work for a trip to the beach with my parents. For the past several years, we've scheduled a fall beach trip and it's become my favorite time of the year to... Continue Reading →

On My Nightstand: October Edition

The last month has been particularly busy, not only at work but also in my personal life, as I've had the opportunity to take not one but two wonderful vacations. I'll be sharing tidbits from each of those trips here... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Shaken

Confession time: When he first appeared on the college football scene, I was not the biggest Tim Tebow fan. It miiiiiight have had something to do with the fact that he turned down offers to play at my beloved Alabama... Continue Reading →

When You Want to Fix the World [Spoiler: You can’t.]

[Note: This post first ran on August 27, 2014. Two years later, not much has changed as far as regarding the world as a pretty big mess. Rather than be discouraged by that realization, I continue to take heart in remembering that... Continue Reading →

Who’s Got Olympics Fever?

  Confession time: I LOVE the Olympics! Perhaps that's not a big shocker, considering my professed love of sports, but it's not just the amazing athleticism on display that makes me so enthusiastic (although that certainly plays a part). I... Continue Reading →

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