Book Review: The Curated Closet

As an admitted clotheshorse with an overstuffed closet, I was excited to read Anuschka Rees' book, The Curated Closet. For one thing, the cover with those dreamy pastel and neutral shades drew my in right away. But more importantly, I was eager to get some advice on cultivating a pared-down wardrobe. I have a tendency to... Continue Reading →

Loving Lately

...using my new milk frother every morning. I bought this inexpensive handheld one around Christmas and have been using it daily. It's become a fun little treat to "dress up" my morning coffee. …1818 Farms' Shea Creme in Green Pastures. Super-thick and rich yet lightweight, a little goes a long way so a jar really... Continue Reading →

I Hosted a Book Exchange Party

It’s no secret that I love books; it’s probably my most frequently blogged-about subject. Over the years my affinity for reading has led me to amass a pretty healthy collection of books, filling bookshelves in my living room, dining room and both bedrooms. A couple of months ago I determined that I, in fact, had... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Faithful Finance

As part of my mission to read more in 2018, I'm planning on reviewing more books this year, as it's been a while since I've done that. My first book review for the year is Emily G. Stroud's Faithful Finance; given that a focus (or re-focus) on finances is a common occurrence at the start... Continue Reading →

2018 Reading Challenge

  One of my goals for 2018 is to get back to reading more regularly. I absolutely love to read (both fiction and non-fiction) but over the past year or so I found myself more likely to pick up the TV remote at night to unwind rather than pick up a book. It's been a... Continue Reading →

Good News Beyond January 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The beginning of a new year is always exciting. It's a fresh start, a chance to make some changes and (hopefully) see positive results this time next year. It's the time of year for diets to begin anew, for gyms to see an influx of new (and returning) clients, for checkbooks to... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Goal?

It’s nearly time to say goodbye for good to 2017 and to usher in 2018. Perhaps, like me, you are ready to turn the page on a brand new year. Although 2017 was not a bad year for me personally, I’m ready for a new start—how about you? My word for 2018 is expectant, and I... Continue Reading →

Soul Food

As 2017 rapidly winds down, it's natural to spend time reflecting on the year and looking ahead in anticipation of what 2018 might bring. Over this Thanksgiving break, however,  I've tried to resist that temptation to dwell on the past and future and instead focus on the present, something that doesn't come easily for me.... Continue Reading →

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