My Strategies for Getting in the Holiday Spirit

I’m just going to put it out there: the holidays can be tough for me. Christmas, in particular, is such a family-oriented time of year, and as a single woman with no children it’s easy to feel left out of a host of activities. Even watching commercials featuring the “perfect” family with their perfectly decorated house … More My Strategies for Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Loving Lately

Since I recently shared some of the books that I’ve read or are in the process of reading, I thought I’d give a quick peek at a few other favorite finds that are brightening my days lately. Eating: • Although I try to use my slow cooker year-round, it especially gets a workout when the weather turns … More Loving Lately

Beach Glory

Last week I took a couple of days off from work for a trip to the beach with my parents. For the past several years, we’ve scheduled a fall beach trip and it’s become my favorite time of the year to go. It’s usually less crowded, the weather’s turning cooler but still warm enough to swim, and … More Beach Glory

Book Review: Shaken

Confession time: When he first appeared on the college football scene, I was not the biggest Tim Tebow fan. It miiiiiight have had something to do with the fact that he turned down offers to play at my beloved Alabama and instead chose the Florida Gators, where he was having tremendous success. Like winning two … More Book Review: Shaken