I mowed my grass tonight. It really needed it. Between the bouts of rain we’ve had, 90-something degree weather every day, and a hectic schedule the last couple of weeks, I’d neglected to cut it. But tonight was actually a few degrees cooler and the sky was a tad overcast when I got home from work so I pulled out the mower and began to mow down the jungle before my neighbors (most of whom are retired with plenty of time on their hands to have well-manicured lawns) revolted.

As I cut swaths through the thick, overgrown grass, I thought about the fact that I actually sort of like having tall grass to cut. I really don’t EVER enjoy cutting grass, but if I have to do it, I want to do it when I can see progress made instantly. I like looking back at the strip of grass I just cut and seeing it neatly shorn next to the still uncut blades. Instant gratification.

I had an idea tonight that maybe sometimes God is slow (at least, from our standpoint) in handling our problems because He wants us to see that it’s Him at work. When our worries seem to go from bad to worse, growing up and threatening to take over our lives completely, perhaps it’s because God knows that if He took care of things sooner, we wouldn’t notice or truly appreciate the difference.

I don’t want to cut a lawn that will look the same both before and after it’s been cut. Maybe God feels the same about our lives. Just a thought…..